Today my feet tell me anything is possible



I know the week will at least start well. How do I know this and what's with the weird wise feet??

I'll tell you...I'm sitting in bed with my laptop and I can tell my brain is ready for awesomeness because the feeling of my bare feet on my clean sheets is making me smile. A big, toothy grin of happiness. I guess it's my version of mindfulness...when I realise a simple pleasure is making me super happy I know I'm in a great mental space.

You hear me, Monday?!

Other signs include:

  • laughing at my kids' farts instead of telling them to knock it off
  • making a happy sigh in the shower because instant hot water is an amazing and undervalued gift
  • seeing the pile of laundry on the chair in my bedroom, making a 'meh' face and NOT CARING
  • telling my dog I love her for no reason
  • being happy my husband is home because I actually want to tell him what I've been up to today!

Sometimes having big dreams and a brain that often drags its feet can make it hard to get aboard the Awesome Train. But today my feet have spoken! And they're telling me anything is possible!

Listen to your feet guys...



Nancy Neale