7 Reasons You Need a Headboard!


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This morning I was hanging out with some friends and their associated children at the local pool...and it was great! There was coffee and catching up and not having to worry about entertaining the kids because once you're at a swimming pool that takes care of itself.

BUT...I had planned on running a workshop today...hanging out with some cool ladies who I didn't know yet! But, alas, I had to cancel (not enough ladies had been able to make it). And I wondered, after I got home and sat leaning against my own comfy headboard: "Maybe those ladies weren't 100% convinced of the awesome benefits of having a headboard in their lives." I thought, "Maybe I needed to give people some REALLY good reasons for them to hang out with me on a Saturday morning".

So here are some really good reasons!

You could save heaps of cash money. Even a simple upholstered headboard could cost you about $1200! But if you make your own you'll save a bundle of cash. You can then spend what you saved on some cute accessories to dress your awesome new-look bed instead!

You get what you want. If you want something groovy and unique, no matter what it is, you just gotta make it yourself. Colour, texture, pattern...it's all up to you!

It's fun. The headboard workshop has been designed and tweaked to make it as easy and fun as possible. And when you're surrounded by other women that have dodged the responsibilities of home/work for a few hours to do something by themselves hilarity inevitably ensues!

You'll learn something new. So much of our daily lives happen on autopilot. It is so refreshing to use the ol' grey matter for something new. Novelty makes our brains happy - it's science. Do your neurological pathways a favour, friends!

Staple guns make a really great noise. If you've never used a tool powered by an air compressor before you're in for a treat. Forget the sad 'ku-klunk' of a hand gun and prepare yourself for the invigorating rush of horse power. There will be grins of joy - and possibly the odd adrenaline fuelled giggle.

A headboard is big. We're not knitting a beanie here, or painting a ceramic mug. The fruits of your labours won't be able to disappear into a cupboard or get lost among other bits and bobs on a shelf. We're talking over a square metre of creation that will instantly transform your entire bedroom. You will be the proud owner of a finished Project (capital 'p'). Smug grins of satisfaction are thus strongly encouraged.

And if you needed another reason (and are into this sort of thing) a headboard could bring you some more positive vibes. According to the rules of feng shui, a headboard is great for the energy in your bedroom - it has strong and comforting 'mountain energy'. And if you're interested in 'adding some sexy sensuality to your bedroom' an upholstered headboard might be just the ticket!*

*Now this one is NOT science but could be true nonetheless, I guess?


So many great reasons to come to the next Mad4Mod Headboard Workshop!

Hope to see you guys in September.

- N

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