Sunny Autumn days...the enemy of productivity

I should have gone to Aquafit today...


I should have gone to Aquafit today...get out of the house, get the adrenaline pumping. But it's cold and the fire is on - it would be a Autumn tragedy to waste a good fire! So instead I'm at the dining room table with our 6 year-old (off school with a cough) mucking about with Google Adwords and having a grand ol' time writing lists and reading statistics. It feels like I'm working but my slippers are on! Oh, and we're eating Twisties for lunch.

One of the problems with working from home (by yourself, while the housework stares you in the face) is that there's no-one to tell you off for scrolling mindlessly on Facebook and drinking too much coffee (or spending too long staring at that naked picture of Ryan Reynolds some irresponsible friend posted online). You have to motivate yourself...somehow turn the dream into a reality while resisting the urge to go take a nap.

So I'm going to go out for (another) coffee with my little admin assistant; replace the slippers with actual shoes (maybe the boots with the loud heels - they sound more important) and see if I can shake off the sleepy day snooze vibe! If anyone has any motivational tips for the naturally lazy I'm all ears!